End-to-End Azure Migration


MDS facilitated the migration of a large energy company’s (approximately 6,500 users) primary application to Azure with total cloud High Availability


The Challenge

MDS was hired by a diversified energy company located in the NY metro area with a long history of fueling millions of customers. The client was seeking assistance with migrating their primary application for customer’s online payments for energy bills from an on-premises datacenter to the cloud. 

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The Solution

MDS assisted with seamless migration of a multi-server, multi-tier, multi-geographic on-premises centric application into the Azure’s V2 platform. MDS re-architected the application’s structure based on our customer’s specific needs to leverage inherent benefits. Only the cloud can provide such as infinite horizontal scale with VM scale sets, infinite compute with scale-up \\ scale down, and a bleeding-edge cloud-only disaster recovery, and business continuity plan by leveraging multi-global, multi-region Azure Site Recovery failover, providing high availability that was not possible with on-premises nor from a straightforward cloud migration or implementation.

The Result

The client not only benefited from a truly cloud-first design but could save millions as opposed to replicating the same functionality in an on-premises datacenter or in a similar hosted solution.