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Cloud computing is quickly becoming the new normal. When deciding between private, public or hybrid cloud, the experts at MDS have you covered. We help with the design, implementation and maintenance of flexible solutions to empower your workforce to do more.

Common Cloud Initiatives

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity in the Cloud – DRaaS
  • Backup to the Cloud
  • Modernize Applications to utilize PaaS offerings
  • Reduce management TCO and cost while taking advantage of agility
  • Integrate IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions for customized hybrid deployments
  • Connect cloud and on premise datacenters for hybrid networks
  • Securely publish on premise applications
  • Burst to the cloud to alleviate resource constraints during peak workload periods
  • Move dev/test environments to the cloud
  • Leverage the inherent high availability, resilience and self-healing capabilities of the cloud for mission critical applications
  • Turn capex into opex
  • Ability to report on departmental and cost center charge back for IT service requests
  • Cloud based operations management for multi datacenter and multi cloud environments
  • Ability to scale applications vertically and horizontally

Cloud Best Practice Guidance

  • Securing your cloud environments against modern threats by enhancing your security posture, utilizing best of breed security products, encryption and cloud network hardening
  • Migrating existing servers to the cloud
  • Guidance in meeting your industry compliance requirements for data protection, governance and reporting
  • Understanding how resilience, redundancy and replication works in the cloud
  • Architect high availability applications to the cloud in single and multi-region deployments
  • Understanding how, why and when to architect disaster recovery solutions for your cloud workloads
  • Expertise in leveraging third party ISV marketplace offerings to compliment your cloud infrastructure
  • Integrate identities to the cloud for secure management, role based access control and single sign on
  • Turning on/off cloud resources to manage consumption costs in a pay-as-you-go environment using automation and auto scaling
  • When and how to leverage VPN, Azure
  • Express Route, Amazon Direct Connect or SDWAN solutions
  • Managing multi-cloud environments
  • Scripting and understanding how to automate deployments with templates for predictable environments
  • How to segment your business units and streamline dev / ops deployment lifecycles


Shift capital expenses to operational expenses—it’s pay-as-you go vs. building an entire data center infrastructure. Take advantage of greater economies of scale—Private clouds simply can’t compete with Google or Amazon on price. Achieve greater scalability quickly.


Fully utilize your hardware with better resource management—with virtualization, you can significantly increase the value of your physical server. Improve security by using your own dedicated hardware. Maintain tighter control over your servers and enjoy the ability to tailor them to your needs.


Enhance agility by taking advantage of the best of both worlds: private and public cloud. Reduce TCO and improve cost efficiency by using the cloud resources that work best for you. Address specific security and compliance issues as they relate to different applications and business functions.

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