By Samantha Orszulak, Head of Marketing at MDS and Patrick Hall, Advanced Analytics Practice Lead at MDS

For every company, regardless of industry, size, or location, documents, and record-keeping are essential. Whether it is faxes, photocopied applications, receipts for expenses, or schedules; you cannot run a business without them, and organizations capture information from documents for a variety of different uses. But what if someone told you there was a tool that can help automate the process of documentation? This is where Cognitive/Synapse comes in.

Cognitive/Synapse is a professional service and implemented solution built on top of Microsoft Azure PaaS enterprise integration and data platform. The solution comprises of custom Azure Logic Apps, proprietary Python code, Cognitive Services, and a Maureen Data Systems (MDS) configured integration to the company’s line of business or SaaS solution.

The innovation of Cognitive/Synapse lies in the MDS proprietary codebase, experience skill set, and resources to capture an enterprise’s native, in-house “tribal knowledge” to transform them into streamlined and automated document processing on the Microsoft cloud platform.

The process for Cognitive/Synapse is:

  1. To establish an automated workflow to ingest digitized documents,
  2. To extract the pertinent business information and input from the extracted data,
  3. And to utilize proprietary content and mapping process into your business repository

Organizations who implement Cognitive/Synapse can expect more efficient reporting, increased productivity, and complete automation. The solution can also be used anywhere, allowing for remote access in this ever-changing working environment. And by utilizing the best-of-class cloud technology from Microsoft, organizations can be confident in the security and compliance features of Cognitive/Synapse.

Every business has many moving parts and expectations to deliver to clients, partners, and stakeholders. If a huge aspect of your day-to-day business could be automated and lessen the workload of your employees, why not implement the solution to help? MDS can guarantee to leverage your existing investments of M365, Azure, and third-party SaaS solutions to minimize costs, headaches, and manual tasks.

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