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In the planning phase, DevOps teams ideate, define, and describe the features and capabilities of the applications and systems they plan to build. Teams track task progress at low and high levels of granularity, from single products to multiple product portfolios.


The development phase includes all aspects of developing software code. DevOps teams select a development environment, write, test, review, and integrate the code. Build the code into artifacts to deploy into various environments. Use version control to collaborate on code and work in parallel.


Delivery is the process of consistently and reliably deploying applications into production environments, ideally via continuous delivery (CD). DevOps teams define a release management process with clear manual approval stages. Set automated gates to move applications between stages until final release to customers. 

MDS DevOps Process

A big part of DevOps consulting and implementation is the synergic effect of the continuous involvement of various stakeholders. Experience a workload shift with reliable, high-quality software applications and services that also support automation.


Continuous Planning. We work with clients to set specific, quantifiable goals at the beginning of each project phase and then follow up as the development progresses. All stakeholders are involved at this stage to bring a meaningful impact to the discussion, define targets, and minimize redundancies.


Continuous Integration. This is a pivotal phase of development, whereby the developers work with the operations personnel to understand end user needs. Our developers continuously merge their code changes in a shared repository, facilitating timely integration and automated testing.


Continuous Testing. Timely execution of testing is key to the health of any software. We enforce a frequent-testing policy by way of automation. Newly committed code is passed through various testing phases to ensure quality maintenance.


Continuous Deployment. Continuous deployment is necessary to take full advantage of a well-designed agile system. Every significant, validated change is automatically released to the users. Quick releases enhance the feedback loop, such that developers can isolate issues with higher accuracy.


Continuous Monitoring and Feedback. With the system now successfully deployed, we set up monitoring parameters that provide quick feedback. This helps us track functionality in real-time environments and ascertain system reliability. Security checks are also automated to ensure timely and correct reporting.

DevOps Philosophy

Collaboration And Communication Are At The Core Of The DevOps Philosophy. This Practice Unites The Three Forces – Tech Operations, Development, And QA In A Feedback-Centric Development Pipeline. The Result Is Quality, Agility, Security, Speed, And A Rich Customer Experience Coupled With Compound Delivery Across Digital & Enterprise Applications With Our DevOps Consulting Services.


Accelerate your cloud operations and workloads by minimizing costs, increase the efficiency and speed up the release management cycle with our DevOps Services. Realize better throughput, resilient systems, and faster time to market. Dedicated teams from MDS provide DevOps Consulting Services that help your IT department accelerate the project at hand and adopt DevOps best practices in the process.


DevOps leverages collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps as a service offering, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.


We automate end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for faster time to market, increased efficiency and reduced cost. Our DevOps solutions help organizations to align with the goals, rapidly and reliably, producing high-quality software-based products and services. Attain your business goals by developing applications at the pace of business with MDS comprehensive DevOps services.

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