Intune & Microsoft Teams Rapid Deployment


MDS implemented Microsoft Intune and Teams for a large lower education client to enable them during COVID-19.


The Challenge

The customer came to us during COVID-19 with the main requirement to implement Intune and Microsoft Teams during the summer before kids and staff return to school.

Additional issues:

  • Hybrid AD not working
  • 750 Windows devices needed implementation
  • No android configuration capabilities 
  • No iOS security policies

The Solution

MDS was able to evaluate the client’s current environment during multiple discovery sessions. We were able to process what was needed to enable its users to teach and learn from anywhere. MDS recommended Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Teams and was well received by the school. Intune was readily set up right away, with Teams coming later in time for the school opening in September. 

The Result

The client was able to securely work anywhere. The school was confident going into the new year with this technology and can now collaborate with the students and staff easily. Through working hand-in-hand with the client, they were comfortable with how to configure and use the solutions.