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Microsoft FastTrack

Reduced Costs

By leveraging FastTrack, organizations can reduce the cost and complexity of deploying Microsoft cloud solutions. FastTrack provides tools and resources that help organizations streamline their deployment processes and avoid common deployment challenges.

Faster Deployment

FastTrack provides a structured and streamlined approach to deploying Microsoft cloud solutions, which can help organizations get up and running quickly. It provides guidance and support throughout the deployment process, from planning and design to deployment and adoption.

Improved User Adoption

It helps organizations ensure that their users are prepared and trained to use Microsoft cloud solutions effectively. This can improve user adoption and drive better business outcomes. MDS provides resources and guidance to help organizations develop adoption plans, train users, and drive usage of Microsoft cloud solutions.

Why Microsoft FastTrack?

Microsoft FastTrack is a customer success service that helps organizations with the deployment of Microsoft cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Viva. It can be a free benefit at no additional cost.


By partnering with MDS, you can access expertise and experience in deploying and managing Microsoft technologies, helping you navigate the complexities of deployment and ensuring best practices are followed.


Working with MDS can also help you maximize the value of your investment in Microsoft technologies, ensuring that the solution is aligned with your business goals and objectives. MDS can customize the solution to meet your unique needs, integrate it with other systems and applications, and provide training and support to help you adopt the solution and achieve the desired outcomes.

Overall, partnering with MDS and using Microsoft FastTrack can help you deploy and manage Microsoft technologies more efficiently and effectively, while ensuring that the solution is aligned with your goals and objectives.


FastTrack Cloud Deployments

Microsoft 365
With Microsoft 365, you can leverage FastTrack to enable hybrid work. Expert guidance, delivered remotely by Microsoft engineers and approved FastTrack Ready Partners, is available at no additional cost for the life of your eligible subscription.

Microsoft Viva

If you want to enhance your employee experience with Microsoft Viva, FastTrack can help. You can enable Microsoft Viva and foundational products and capabilities in Microsoft 365 with assistance from FastTrack, at no additional cost for the life of your eligible subscription.

Microsoft FastTrack

Expert Deployment Team

LeeAnne Hughes

She has over 25+ years of experience as an IT professional. Her experience comes from various roles, such as the Director of Microsoft Business Development for a national tech company and Microsoft FastTrack Manager then a FastTrack Partner Manager. 

Jeff Armstrong

He comes from Microsoft Corporation as an experienced and dedicated IT professional with a passion for understanding customers’ business needs, identifying & implementing technology solutions to meet their goals, and driven to empower others to achieve more.

Shana Dingle

She joined the Microsoft FastTrack Center as a FastTrack Manager. When Microsoft introduced Teams, she transitioned to a Teams subject matter expert, where her primary responsibility was to provide guidance for deployment and adoption of the service for 7 years.

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