Microsoft Teams PBX Deployment Success Story

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MDS implemented a meeting and calling plan for a global media services company, improving their productivity worldwide. 

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The Challenge

This longtime client of ours reached out to the MDS team to learn more about the Microsoft Teams PBX solution as their current contract was up for renewal and they wanted to know their options. Their main concern was cutting back on IT costs while not jeopardizing the quality of their calling and meeting technology. 

The Solution

First, MDS started off with a demo of the PBX features and how they could be integrated into their day-to-day business. Second, we moved to a pilot to prove the technology works well within the existing environment. After this was confirmed positively, we transitioned the pilot into full deployment. The MDS team did run into some underlying issues with their on-premises Microsoft Lync system during the transition. Their Lync system was a mess internally and proved to be difficult to remove users and migrate them to Teams. However, our engineers were able to determine the root cause and came up with a step-by-step process n how to migrate users moving forward. 

The Result

By establishing Microsoft Teams as the client’s centralized communication and collaboration hub, it digitally transformed its IT environment. By simplifying their communication and meeting experiences, streamlining business processes, and improving overall productivity; MDS was able to consolidate their disparate chat, PBX, and meeting platforms into one single solution. The increased productivity by using a single tool for chatting, meeting, and calling as opposed to three different systems has proven to help individuals at the organization be more efficient and collaborative.

The cost was also a huge factor in this transition. MDS was able to do an in-depth cost analysis showing their ongoing management costs, hardware costs, phone lines, and licenses with their existing systems versus the new O365 licensing that was now the only component required. By leveraging Teams, the client was able to save roughly $20 per user, per year for the next five years for their global workforce. 

Another added benefit of this transition was that it allowed MDS to expand their existing SharePoint Online platform and offer them O365 E5 licensing with EMS E5. This became a great asset during the COVID-19 outbreak when everyone in the company was working remotely. This allowed them to do so but collaboratively and securely. 


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During the past few months, we have found their [MDS] expertise and contributions invaluable to the effective implementation of our project. We are very impressed that considering the current challenges due to the pandemic, Maureen Data Systems has continued to assist with us and provide us with solutions to help keep this critical communications infrastructure running smoothly.

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About MDS

Our mission here at Maureen Data Systems (MDS) is to digitally transform business environments with the use of cloud infrastructure, security and privacy controls, data analytics, and managed services.

As a woman-owned business, we embrace a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and consistent learning. The MDS team, in both the US and Latin America, is comprised of certified professionals that work with you to deliver strategic implementations, providing you with a competitive advantage. Our utmost priority is maintaining our customer technology needs, which is why 25+ years later we continue to grow.


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Upcoming Events

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