Secure Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment


MDS deployed a secure remote work solution for a large finance company located in the Caribbean.


The Challenge

This existing client of MDS needed to rapidly implement solutions to allow for remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Management wanted to ensure that all employees would still have access to their corporate data and applications securely. They wanted a solution that would not disrupt their day-to-day operations, but the timing was important as their country was locked down completely. 

The Solution

Even though the MDS engineers were also in lockdown and thousands of miles away, they were able to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop allowing these users to have access to their information and continue to work virtually. MDS also implemented security tools such as MFA and SSO to ensure they had access to their data.

The Result

Within the month, this large financial organization had access to their corporate data and their internal environment from anywhere. The customer was able to have all their employees work from home during the pandemic, ensuring their safety but also business continuity. 

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