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Security Consulting Services

Defense Management

Security consulting services help organizations protect against cyber attacks and potential data breaches.

Minimize Threats

Security consulting services aid in reducing incident response time and minimizing security impact.

Penetration Testing

Security consulting services include cybersecurity penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and assess security defenses.

Incident Response

Reduce incident response time and minimize the impact of a security incident
The MDS Incident Response Retainer (IRR) allows you to establish terms and conditions for incident response services before a cyber security incident is suspected. With an IRR in place, you have a trusted partner on standby. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the response time, thereby reducing the impact of a breach.

The MDS IRR gives you flexibility to structure the retainer to fit your organization’s needs.

  • No-cost retainer. Establish Incident Response services terms and conditions between your organization and MDS. The contract defines hourly rates for related services and technology fees. There is no financial commitment or annual cost. Charges are incurred on a time and materials basis upon declaration of an incident.
  • Prepaid hours. Purchase a pre-paid block of incident response hours at a discounted hourly rate, with the flexibility to repurpose unused hours on a variety of technical and strategic MDS Consulting services within the contract term.

Add an SLA to gain peace of mind from guaranteed response times. The standard SLA is a maximum of four hours, with an enhanced two-hour SLA to further reduce incident impact.

Ransomware Defense Assessment

Assess, test, and reduce your organization’s ransomware attack surface

Evaluate your ability to prevent, detect, contain, and remediate a ransomware attack

You do all you can to keep ransomware from getting into your environment, but compromises are still inevitable. MDS’ Ransomware Defense Assessment evaluates your organization’s ability to detect, contain and remediate ransomware within your environment—before it produces costly harm.

Overview. The Ransomware Defense Assessment evaluates your environment for vulnerabilities exploited by modern, rapidly evolving ransomware attacks, as seen on the frontlines of MDS’ incident response engagements. Our experts achieve this by assessing the impact a ransomware attack could have on your internal network, discover what data could be jeopardized or lost and test the ability of your security controls to detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

This assessment will help you:

  • Identify specific assets that ransomware can reach
  • Realize security weaknesses that can be exploited by ransomware
  • Minimize the impact of ransomware attacks
  • Reduce your organization’s ransomware attack surface
  • Recognize operational deficiencies in the management of ransomware-related risks

Real attacks. Real learning. Real improvement

Ready to get started? Our security experts are standing by to help you with an incident or answer questions about our consulting and managed detection and response services.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence Framework Service

Identify and mitigate inherited cyber risks connected to business transactions and systems out of direct control

Overview. Organizations that pursue mergers and acquisitions, hold a portfolio of companies, or foster third-party relationships to strategically develop their business, unknowingly increase their cyber-attack surface through these business changes. Traditionally, due diligence is conducted across various business functions such as legal and finance. However, when combining two or more separate entities, the analysis of cyber security risk management practices and security maturity is just as critical.

With MDS Cyber Security Due Diligence Framework Service, our experts analyze multiple cyber environments and business risk profiles to improve security program capabilities and provide actionable remediation recommendations to ensure combined security health and overall maturity alignment.

Our Methodology. First, MDS experts conduct a collaborative workshop with your leadership team to scope the situation. This workshop helps define how our experts should proceed with the engagement to meet your organization’s specific due diligence needs—ranging from mergers, acquisitions (including independent acquisitions), divestures and asset management pipelines. Next, our experts determine the services plan most applicable to your business needs. MDS presents you with a relevant menu of offerings to achieve the highest quality of cyber due diligence for your specific objectives. We consider potential business impact, business relationships, forms of access and system integration.

MDS continuously collaborates with the client to maintain a suitable phased delivery of services to meet the client organization’s evolving business objectives.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Improve and stabilize processes with proven risk-based security strategies

Overview. As threat actors continually advance their attack techniques and organizations widen their attack surface by expanding operations, an effective security infrastructure can provide essential protection for your critical assets, intellectual property, and overall business operations.

The MDS Threat and Vulnerability Management service helps organizations adopt highly effective vulnerability management practices that mitigate harmful cyber risks and reduce the impact of security incidents.

Our experts can help you build or improve your vulnerability management program and map it directly to your organization’s strategic objectives. You can shift from a reactive posture to a proactive program that uses a risk-based approach to quickly identify vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to your specific organization and ensure a continuous, long-term operation.

Our approach. First, MDS experts use a combination of documentation review and deep-dive workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of your existing vulnerability management capabilities covering the following areas.

MDS experts help you develop a proactive vulnerability management program that includes best practice planning, processes, metrics, and reporting. This includes the integration of vulnerability management with contextualization and data enrichment for your cyber defense team and cyber risk management processes through proper evaluation of threat intelligence and critical asset value alignment. Ultimately, you will be enabled to reduce the likelihood and impact of a harmful incident through attack surface management.

MDS can also provide a dedicated resource to help integrate newly developed vulnerability management processes into your environment until your security team can effectively manage the new or improved program on their own.

Threat Modeling Security Service

Discover unidentified business and security risks through dynamic system analysis

Overview. As threat actors continually advance their attack techniques, organizations should prioritize the improvement of their security infrastructure to protect critical assets, intellectual property, and overall business operations. The MDS Threat Modeling Security Service evaluates your organization’s security controls and uncovers attacker behaviors to reveal unknown risks and vulnerabilities within existing and proposed systems including software applications, business processes and operational networks. This dynamic model of attack and defense scenarios delivers a unique view of underlying system controls to understand risks and vulnerabilities before they proliferate and increase an organization’s attack surface. Our experts provide best practices for security coding, defense tactics and risk-based decision making to enhance the security posture of your entire organization, not just your security program.

Our Approach/Methodology. MDS experts review and document your overall architecture and controls environment and identify which systems should have their existing and proposed security safeguards evaluated. MDS experts then present their findings during a collaborative workshop to analyze your organization’s operational architecture and uncover additional vulnerabilities and control deficiencies. Our experts use these findings, along with the latest threat intelligence, to develop a detailed threat model framework that visually represents your environment’s existing control process flows and pinpoints control deficiencies that map to potential business risks.

Every threat model is specific to client environments and business objectives. Each finding includes an explanation of the systemic cause, risk rating, remediation steps and potential responsibilities.

MDS experts prioritize any control gaps using a risk classification model that considers exploitability and impact according to your specific business environment. Our experts also outline what should be done to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities.

This service can be delivered at any time. However, it offers better results when engaged early in the development lifecycle of a product or service.

Cyber Risk Management Operations Service

Identify and manage relevant cyber risks to enable effective, risk-based decision-making for your business

Overview. To advance business processes and mature security effectiveness, organizations must move beyond the assumption- and intuition-based decision-making found across most cyber risk management programs. The shift to better informed and risk-based decision making can help align an organization’s critical assets with the most relevant, harmful threats.

MDS Cyber Risk Management Operations Services helps your organization design solutions, improve capabilities, and implement operational capacity to drive real-world risk mitigation practices at scale. This service helps to build your cyber risk management program from the ground up or enhance the operations of your existing program.

Our Methodology. MDS experts review documentation and conduct workshops to deeply understand your organization’s existing cyber risk management capabilities. They focus on the following domains:

  • Governance. Understand how cyber risk is articulated and managed across your specific organization and effectively reported.
  • Measurement and performance. Realize how results-oriented metrics are managed, qualified, and quantified for various stakeholders, from tactical operations to the Board of Directors.
  • Technology risk. Validate the impact of existing and rapidly consumed technology connected to the overall risk profile and risk mitigation practices across your organization.
  • Threat intelligence. Identify the threats most relevant to your organization and understand how proper context can better inform your cyber risk program.
  • Incident response. Examine how your existing response capabilities and remediation gaps impact your organization’s risk profile

With these findings, MDS experts recommend best practices, improvements, and operational support across the security spectrum of your organization. Our experts propose the addition, modification or removal of cyber risk management processes, policies, stakeholders, and technical controls to ultimately advance your organization’s risk management maturity and reduce future risk.

Targeted Attack - Penetration Testing

Learn exactly how vulnerable your most critical assets are to cyber attacks

Identify vulnerable assets to strengthen your security defenses

Organizations do all they can to protect their critical cyber assets, but they don’t always systematically test their defenses. Penetration Testing from MDS helps you strengthen your security for those assets by pinpointing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your security systems.

Overview. MDS security experts simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers targeting your high-risk cyber assets. Our deep knowledge of advanced persistent threat (APT) attacker behavior can help you:

  • Determine whether your critical data is at risk
  • Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them
  • Gain insight into attacker motivations and targets
  • Get quantitative results that help measure the risk associated with your critical assets
  • Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to future compromise
  • What you get
  • High- level executive summary report
  • Technical documentation that allows you to recreate our findings
  • Fact-based risk analysis to validate results
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement
  • Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement

Penetration tests conducted by MDS are customized to your environment no two assessments are ever the same. A wide variety of penetration testing options are available, with each option providing information that can dramatically improve security in your organization.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Review

Refine and mature your attack responses with an iterative, repeatable coaching regimen

Assess and improve your cyber security posture with an ICS Healthcheck

During an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Healthcheck, MDS experts draw on our knowledge of advanced threat actors, security breaches and ICS domains to evaluate how well your ICS security program and architecture are segmented, protected, and monitored.

Overview. The ICS Healthcheck helps your organization assess its cyber security posture without the operational risk associated with software-based agents, network scanning and other aggressive and invasive assessment techniques. Incorporating their understanding of operational technology (OT), MDS delivers a workshop-based ICS architecture review and provide a detailed technical analysis of, and recommendations for, your security environment.

What You Get

  • Threat model diagram
  • ICS Healthcheck report
  • Strategic and technical recommendations

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