SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business Implementation


MDS migrated a non-profit healthcare provider to SharePoint Online during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Challenge

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the client’s users needed remote services, but they also wanted to elevate their cloud presence and file-sharing technology to help them be more efficient, secure, and collaborative. The project needed to be down cost-effectively and quickly as the client was in the middle of a global pandemic and their main priority was helping their community.  At the time of the request, the client was saving their sensitive data in random places such as DropBox, Google, and other third-party tools without any flow or collaboration capabilities.

The Solution

After assessing the client’s environment, MDS recommended SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business for their users. These tools would digitally transform their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the stay-at-home orders in place, MDS engaged with the customer on Microsoft Teams through a series of meetings. MDS assisted in organizing their groups within Teams and SharePoint sites while reconstructing their organization via permissions and levels of access. We were able to bring everything together in a single place (SharePoint) and to store their personal data using OneDrive for Business. 

The Result

This migration resulted in not only consolidating their data into a single place, but also supported them to better manage their documents, file sharing services, and controlling their flow of sensitive information. Security and compliance were obviously at the forefront, as they deal with HIPPA and personal medical information, so the security backbone of these Microsoft products was an asset. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, MDS was able to receive funding for the client allowing the project to be cost-effective. By transforming their online and cloud presence with this funding, they were able to maximize their ROI. On top of that, by consolidating their tools, we eliminated future costs for other third-party tools. The whole project, from start to finish, took all of two weeks, resulting in secure, collaborative, remote work for these healthcare providers. 

They [MDS] were highly recommended, so we reach out to them for assistance and provided an introduction. We knew what we wanted, but didn’t exactly know how to get the project off the ground. MDS learn about us, our members, our physical and IT environments, and kept us moving forward to reach our goal over a series of conference calls. They assisted us in converting our existing distribution lists to Office 365 groups, creating team sites, and explaining all of the steps along the way. We were able to migrate our file server data, and now everything is accessible everywhere, on any device. Thanks to MDS for their assistance.

Professional IT Volunteer

Healthcare Client