Top-tier Security & Compliance Implementation


MDS executed a complete overhaul of a large animal healthcare provider’s security and compliance procedures to ensure they stayed secure and compliant. 


The Challenge

The client’s executive team had put a significant emphasis on cybersecurity and compliance, requiring their IT team to ensure that they were secure and compliant throughout their entire business. As a global company, they were dealing with many users, elevated risks, and several compliance regulations. 

The Solution

MDS executed a complete overhaul of their security and compliance footprint, working closely with their various departments (IT, Legal, Operations, and Compliance) to make sure their day-to-day business was not interrupted. MDS stresses the importance of having more than just the IT team involved in security and compliance implementations since these requirements will hit more than just one aspect of their business. 


With the implementation and enforcement of new compliance laws such as GDPR, CCPA, NY DFS, and the NY SHIELD Act; this client was in need of transitioning the way they use and manage their data to be more compliant with industry standards. After executing an ISO-27001 gap analysis on their current security standings and protocols, MDS was able to work with the client to create new policies that worked best for them, but also kept their company secure. 


After providing a cost analysis and highlighting the benefits of Microsoft has to offer, M365 outbid the majority of its competitors. By leveraging M365 and Azure security tools such as Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Information Protection, and security management tools; MDS was able to assist the customer to meet the various regulatory compliance. 


MDS utilized M365 E5 capabilities mapped specifically to compliance that could help the client meet security requirements their executive team put in place. For example, Microsoft Security API provided them with security solutions that correlated alerts, made investigating threats easier, and automated their security operations response to threat detection. Microsoft Information Protection was used to help with unstructured data security to meet data security requirements. Additionally, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection was used to replace legacy security tools, streamlining their solutions, while Azure Security Center was put in place to help manage security controls for both on-premise and in the cloud. 


We also found a unique element in this project is the integration of all M365 security tools mapped to compliance by the SIEM monitoring tool, Azure Sentinel.  MDS was able to give these services to the client at a cost-effective price by leveraging funding from Microsoft.

The Result

We gave this client a complete overhaul by using Microsoft products and in turn helped them not only achieve compliance, meet their security goals, but also significantly impacted their day-to-day business.


By eliminating some of the legacy tools in place, it allowed them to have less IT costs, be more productive by using fewer interfaces, and improve their modern security managed services. These solutions also put them ahead of the curve for compliance regulations, such as the NY SHIELD Act and CCPA. By already having compliance processes in place, becoming compliant for upcoming laws has made it less time consuming and easier for their IT, Legal, and Compliance departments.


By MDS focusing on the secure cloud and intelligence of security management tools, the client now has more confidence in allowing for remote work and in their security framework. Security has been and always will be at the forefront of the MDS strategy. 


The MDS team has worked diligently with the [client] team to implement the Microsoft EMS E5 security technologies to increase our security posture.”

Senior Manager of IS Operations

Animal Health Client