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Communication made simple. Cisco Spark is an all in one solution for Meetings, Messaging, Calling, File Sharing, and more. A simple cloud solution to keep your team in constant contact, wherever their work might take them.

Part I: Business Messaging Application

Spend less time caught up in email and more time making things happen. Cisco Spark always-on messaging means you never miss a thing. It’s easy to share or find information, ask questions, and make decisions quickly. Use an @”_________” mention to get someones attention. This person will receive a notification and see their name in bold. You can also mark parts of conversations as “favorites” in case you need to reference them for later. Cisco Spark keeps you in close contact with your teammates making it easier to get stuff done. You can also customize your notifications to make sure you are notified from whom you choose to prioritize, and are not overwhelmed by the less important messages. Simply set your status to “do not disturb” to prevent those personal or unrelated message alerts during important presentations. Utilize the search feature to find a person, message, or file.

Part II: Hosted Voice and Video

Cisco Calling allows you to reach anyone, right away. The people you need are a tap away. Call from any device in the same space where your meetings, files, and conversations live. Your contact list and call history are synced across your devices. Your voicemail is accessible from anywhere. Got Cisco Unified Communications? We’ll connect it to Cisco Spark. Connect your existing Cisco phone system to the rest of your Cisco Spark service. So it all works together — your new service with your previous investment. Find out which existing phone systems can be connected with Cisco Spark Hybrid Services.

“…create machine accounts that can
automate routine tasks…”

Custom API Intergration and Bots

  • Spark Bots are the way to create machine accounts that can automate routine tasks and inject contextual content into meetings and group conversations.
  • Integrations invoke the Spark APIs on behalf of other Spark users. Integrations use an OAuth Grant Flow to authenticate Spark users and authorize the use of an application with their Spark account.
  • Bots differ from Integrations in that they appear as their own users and post content automatically. In group rooms, Bots look like actual people and function, in many ways, just like regular users.

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Webex Meetings
Change devices, change rooms. Meeting from your smartphone? Your Cisco Spark app gets the picture. As soon as you arrive in your video conferencing room, swipe and your meeting moves to the big screen without interruption. One swipe and it’s back on your phone. All your devices are connected to the cloud. The Cisco Spark app on your phone is your passport to being anywhere in the world instantly. Start a meeting from your smartphone, desk, room system, or Cisco Spark Board.  A lot gets done in spontaneous hallway conversations. Now you can fire one up from anywhere with one tap. Or pull people together more formally with scheduled meetings.

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