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SQL Server 2008 & 2008 r2 End of Extended Support


July 9th 2019.  On this day, Microsoft will end Extended Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2. This is a good opportunity to step back, review, assess, and rationalize not just your SQL Server 2008 position, but your entire strategy.  Embracing the cloud can help your business become more agile and extensible. MDS and AWS can help plan and execute a migration strategy optimized for your business.

Bringing your applications into the cloud has become an inevitable aspect of doing business. Managing legacy applications is costly, has diminishing returns, and does not usually add incremental value to your business.  Making the choice to move to the cloud can protect your organization’s valuable resources, reduce time-consuming tasks, save money, and add efficiency.


Why AWS is right for your SQL Server 2008 workloads

If you are looking to deploy and migrate SQL Server 2008 to the cloud, you gain significant advantages by moving to AWS. First, AWS is the leading cloud provider both in scale and pace of innovation. This allows your teams not only to migrate their existing solutions to the cloud, but to do so in a platform with more services, leading technology innovation and scale to match almost any business requirement. With over 120 services, a global footprint that extends over 18 regions and 55 availability zones, IT leaders can have peace of mind that their solutions will be scalable, reliable and open to use innovative services directly from one single location.

AWS offers a broad set of options to maximize flexibility

Move your SQL Server 2008 Workloads to AWS

Keep your critical data secure and compliant by creating a migration strategy with MDS