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Identity Access Management

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Authorizes one set of user login credentials,delivering more dynamic and less friction for users.

Multifactor Authentication​

Takes a multifold of fortifying accounts by using multiple authentication methods and meet compliance requirements.

Adaptive Authentication

Next-level authentication method that employs counter measures by identifying red flags oranomalies based onthe defined risk factors and prompt additional verification from signees.

Identity Access Management

IAM is businesses’ essential security framework that allows seamless administration of user accessibility to critical information. It enables efficient and seamless granting of specified access to employers, contractors, business partners, and customers according to their specific roles, resources and tools they need. This is especially vital in maintaining security and privacy within the network as businesses operate in hybrid work arrangements.

Why you need Identity Access Management?

Employ robust authentication techniques with straight forward access, reliable counter-measures and free of threats posed by passwords through MDS. 

Modern IAM solutions surpass simple credential management, bringing AI and advanced password-free capabilities into play. MDS provides that and more, offering a hybrid yet effortless IAM solutions that boosts defenses and mitigates potential cyber-attacks all the while user-oriented for your workforce to access exclusively anywhere, anytime.

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