Exchange On-Prem to Office 365 Migration


MDS executed a full migration during COVID-19 for an at-home healthcare provider.

The Challenge

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the client realized their users did not have the versatility and capabilities to work in a remote setting. The customer needed to allow for flexible and secure remote work for the users across the country.

The Solution

MDS was able to implement, in less than two weeks, a migration from Exchange On-Prem to Office 365 to allow for better working from home. The collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams was put in place as the main communication platform for the client. Exchange E1 was implemented across the organization. 

The Result

The quick implementation helped the customer in allowing for better communication and seamless collaboration for all their remote users. It also streamlined its licensing and consolidated its vendors. MDS was able to get Microsoft funding for the client and instill further trust in Microsoft and its’ partners as they had difficulties with their previous partner and the lack of expertise from them.