Many organizations today are faced with massive amounts of documents, email, and content generated throughout the workday. The ability for employees to organize and efficiently find the relevant information they need is challenging in most organizations. COVID-19 opened a new world of remote work to us, putting a much larger emphasis on being able to readily collaborate with teams and coworkers.  Over this last year-and-a-half many organizations continued to struggle with ensuring remote workers have the ability to access the data they need and secure such access with actionable insights. The world of remote-work has made knowledge sharing tools a massive priority for any size organization.  Every day, MDS is working with these organizations to reimagine efficient collaboration, enabling the highest degree of security and control while developing solution that scale to meet the needs of hundreds of use cases across employees and Business to Business landscapes.

To continue to help our clients, MDS has several new offerings to meet this need for our customers leveraging Microsoft’s productivity solutions and the Microsoft 365 cloud for remote work. MDS Viva Rapid Deploy leverages the newest suite of services within Microsoft Viva.  Viva is an integrated, insights-driven employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning and the workplace leveraging AI in the Microsoft Graph. Viva Topics frees up significant time by identifying the connected information within the organization making it much easier for employees to find information and put knowledge to work. Viva and the Microsoft Graph serve up a curated view of Topics to your employees which removes silos and brings people together who are working on same or similar documents and projects.  Viva delivers greater efficiencies through AI providing your employees the leg up they need to work well.

Please reach out for more information about our MDS Viva Rapid Deploy offering and see how this powerful tool can improve remote work experience and realize immediate ROI on your Microsoft 365 licensing investment.

If you want to hear more about MDS’ offerings for hybrid work, please register now for our upcoming event: Ask the Experts: Flexibility with Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. 

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Viva Connections

Viva Insights

Viva Learning

 Viva Topics

This article was written by Jared Spataro, Corporate VP for M365 and originally appeared in the Microsoft 365 Blog.

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